Ep06. Postcolonialism & Biblical Etchics, Mark Brett

"Where, historically, colonial theology has left Aboriginal voices out of view, I think, as a matter of theological method you should start with Aboriginal voices and then bring in the larger conversation of the Biblical and Christian tradition into Christian identity - never leaving out voices because you do so at your own peril"

Last year I sat down with Mark Brett, the Professor of Old Testament and Research Coordinator at Whitley College, part of the University of Divinity, to talk about his recent book POLITICAL TRAUMA & HEALING: BIBLICAL ETHICS FOR A POSTCOLONIAL WORLD. 

We cover a lot! We do a conceptual rapid fire round, getting tweetable definitions for a host of complex terms. We talk about what postcolonialism offers conversations around secular democracy and human rights, we address the church, and its habit to fall into ethno-centrism, Mark explores how we begin to begin with Aboriginal voices, and the last 10 minutes is a can't miss discussion on economics and Biblical ethics!

Buy Mark's book.
Check out Whitley College.

I mention our event with John Flett on Political Popularism and a Theological Response (Nov 3-5), find out more here.

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