Ep24. Gondwana Theology, Garry Worete Deverell

“The God made known in the stories of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures is a God who was sojourning with our people, here in this country, long before the calling of Abraham, or Moses, or St Paul. Our dreaming can be ‘read’ as a legitimate witness to that sojourning and should therefore be engaged as an equally rich source of revelation and guidance regarding the living of a human life that is good, beautiful and true” 

In a special episode, co-presented with Insights, I sat down with Gary Worete Deverell to talk about his book, Gondwana Theology: A Trawloolway man reflects on Christian Faith. We talk about the material, fleshy nature of First People’s Spirituality and the building blocks of country, kin, and Dreaming. We engage the Dreaming and Genesis 1 – the present power of Creation narratives to shape the identity of those colonised; we also cover reconciliation, racism, mischievous spirits, what to preach on Trinity Sunday, and his letter to his First Nations sisters and brothers navigating the white church… plus, a bunch of liturgy talk!

 Garry is a Trawloolway man from northern Tasmania, an Anglican of Holy Orders who has ministered for 25 years. He has a PhD in liturgy and philosophical theology from Monash University. Garry is currently the vicar at St Agnes’ Anglican Church in Black Rock and a Turner Fellow at Trinity College Theological School, part of the University of Divinity. Find out more about Garry and his work: http://www.deverell.net/garry.html

“The message of God’s love that is at the heart of the Christian evangel is often the only thing that is able to rescue my Trawloolway self from the overwhelming racist power of the church and society alike.”

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