Starting at 8pm on Monday November 26 (and running for the four Mondays following) the Uniting Church Chaplaincy at Macquarie University, as part of our Gathered community, will run an online Advent conversation entitled Wait, Come Again.

Join us by clicking this code from 8pm:

For those who join, each week we will send you a short Biblical/theological reflection (as well as a companion poem, work of art, song, etc.) which we will use as a jumping off point for our discussion.

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Wait, Come Again is intended to draw us into the many layers of Advent. This season is not just about preparing for Christmas (an understandable posture to adopt in our context), but waiting, hoping, and asking for Jesus to come again, bringing to fulfilment the kingdom of God and ushering in the new heaven and the new earth.

Advent is about both looking honestly at the present situation of our world, its harshness and despair, and looking beyond history (in hope) to when God will be all in all.

Advent is season where we wait and bear witness (Rutledge), where we are reminded that in Christ, the cosmic struggle against sin and death, has been won, and we are called to work on the side of life, love, and liberation with the humbleness of a messiah born in a manger, and the assurance of the Spirit which makes that messiah, and the One he called Father, ever present to us.


The 5 conversations will occur online using Zoom. They are free to join and open to all who are interested. Email to sign up, once done you will receive links to the weekly sessions (which can also be found above), and the content (You won’t receive anything else).


To keep the conversation going throughout the month, beyond the scheduled sessions, use #waitcomeagain wherever you play online.


Week one companion pieces, readings, and discussion prompts can be found here.