Ep21. Advent, Lauren R.E. Larkin

I spoke with the Rev Lauren R.E. Larkin about our mutually favourite liturgical season, Advent. We discuss the power of the Christ child lying in the arms of an unclean woman, the way death and life overlap in the birth event, and the future horizon of Advent when Christ comes again (and its effect on ethics).

We also play a "Dear Abby" inspired game called "Dear Lauren", when the good Reverend answers peoples questions on how to live Advent lives in the midst of a busy Christmas season. And trust me, Lauren's answers will shock and inspire!

Rev Lauren R.E. Larkin is a priest in the Episcopal Church and host of the Sancta Colloquia podcast: Find out more here: https://laurenrelarkin.com/ You can follow her on Twitter @laurenrelarkin

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