Ep22. Enchantment & Authenticity: a word for the church, Laura Jean Truman

Are Millennials killing the church?

In a special episode of Love Rinse Repeat, co-presented with Insights (the magazine of the Uniting Church in Australia’s Synod of New South Wales and the ACT) I spoke with Laura Jean Truman about Millenials (Gen Y) and the Church. We talk about her journey and work as a writer, itinerant chaplain, and bartender, before exploring the complicated relationship between Millenials and the Church. We go on to talk about ministry (inside and outside of church), community (inside and outside the church), and spiritual life (inside and outside the church). Laura Jean offers the helpful suggestion that the church must focus on enchantment and authenticity.  

 Laura Jean Truman is a queer writer, preacher, and former chaplain living in Atlanta, GA. Originally from New England, she has a BA in Philosophy from the University of New Hampshire and an MDiv from Emory University: Candler School of Theology, with emphases in Hebrew Bible, monasticism, mysticism, and existentialism. She supports her itinerant chaplaining and writing by slinging drinks at a local historic bar in downtown Atlanta! Follow Laura Jean on social media at @laurajeantruma, and become a regular supporter of her work through Patreon! Visit her website.


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