Ep19. The Heart of Torah, Rabbi Shai Held

“The first rule is to read slowly”

I interviewed Rabbi Shai Held, author of the two-volume The Heart of Torah: Essays on the Weekly Torah Portion. We discuss the character of love in the Torah, the importance of human responsibility, finding theological gems in unexpected places, reading characters as archetypes, particularism and universalism in a pluralistic age, and Judaism’s greatest gamble… also, why we need an Isaac movie.

“Slow, careful, discerning reading is an act of counter culture”

Rabbi Shai Held is theologian, scholar, and educator. President, Dean, and Chair in Jewish Thought at Hadar, where he also directs the Center for Jewish Leadership and Ideas.

This is a special episode of Love Rinse Repeat, co-presented with Insights, the magazine of the Uniting Church in Australia’s Synod of New South Wales and the ACT.

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