Ep28. Parenting, Cindy Wang Brandt

“How do we build a better world? One key way is by learning to raise our children with justice, mercy, and kindness.”

I sat down with Cindy Wang Brandt to talk about her progressive Christian approach to parenting. We discuss what its like to write about parenting while parenting, talking with kids about the tough issues (like racism, climate change, gender inequality), extending autonomy to children and asking what it means to really listen to them. We also touch on her own faith journey, and how she thinks about sharing faith with children.

“By becoming aware of the complex ways we participate in systems of inequality or hierarchy, we begin to resist systemic injustice ourselves, empower our children, and change our communities.”

This is a special episode of Love Rinse Repeat, co-presented with Insights, the magazine of the Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of NSW/ACT.

Cindy Wang Brandt is a writer, podcaster, consultants, and altogether awesome progressive voice living and working in Taiwan. You can check out her podcast by subscribing to Parenting Forward. You can read her articles here and you can join the Facebook community of Raising Children Unfundamentalist.

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