3 Short Video Talks

As part of my work I've been recording some short video talks which introduce weekly discussion topics. I thought I'd share them here, there's a little bit of logistics talk to open the first video, but mostly, it's just content... hopefully, interesting content (some thoughts are a mish-mash of previous blogs and talks).

Have a watch if your interested and reach out in the comments if you have thoughts.

Video 1 - What do I love when I love my God?

Exploring what do I love when I love my God. Is it my neighbour, is it justice, is it Christ or those who he loved? Or is it simply loving love? If you're a student at Macquarie Unit you can join the discussion Monday-Friday, 10-11 Wally's Walk Cafe, 12-2 U-Bar.

Video 2 - Jonah and a God for us and them

Intro video for week 2 groups - reading Jonah as satirical critique of exclusivist views of God. When we explore the narrative we find that God is a God for us and them, inviting us to reconsider all such distinctions and challenging the destructive desires we may have in regards to our enemies.

Video 3 - Ratatouille and Saint Paul

Intro video for week 3, talking how Paul is less like Luther and Augustine and more like Anton Ego (from Ratatouille). How the Christ event ruptures our present, rewrites our past, and reimagines our future, and one or two other things.