Proposing a Theological Task

I was recently trying to address a question about how to nurture and create "effective and contextual mission and ministry practices". In thinking about how to respond to this, I began to think about how to respond to the question of the theological task; i.e. what is the task of theology in both communities of practice and the broader culture?

The following is an attempt at forming a helpful proposal. 

The theological task involves a diligent, immersed, and collaborative exploration of the existential questions raised in a particular time and place - run alongside a critical, honest, and open investigation and articulation of the symbols and stories of the Christian faith. This is performed with the the hope (rather than the agenda) of showing that the latter might be able to respond to the former in a way which leads to provocation and transformation within individuals and communities. A transformation marked by attitudes and actions of grace, hospitality, and forgiveness. 


I'd love to hear your thoughts on my attempt, and your own articulations, so share away in the comments section!