New Talk: Risky Hospitality and a True Gift

Last Sunday I gave a talk at H3O Church Dee Why, as part of a series called Come and See. The topic was Hospitality.

I've decided to include it here, as well as put it in my talks section, partly because, why not - this is my site and I do what I want, and partly because I was pretty happy with it. Especially the first little while where I tell a funny story about getting lost in Maryland, USA.

If you don't have the time to listen, the main gist of the talk was:

  • Hospitality needs to be a true gift (some ways to do this - give it either outside, or at least in awareness, of economies of exchange - give 'without why' - give to those who cannot pay us back)
  • For this reason, hospitality is risky, it calls us out of our circles, towards the other.
  • For this reason, throughout Scripture, hospitality is less invitation, than visitation. Hospitality is what we are called to respond with when the other, the outsider, the stranger intrudes, interrupts, disturbs and visits us in need.
  • For this reason, hospitality is a provocation that mirrors many of the great faith journeys in Scripture, which begin with a visitation of a Divine Stranger, who can either be greeted with hostility or hospitality (e.g. Abraham, Mary).

Check out the talk and let me know your thoughts