Things I Learnt Watching PSYCH

My wife and I are about to finish watching PSYCH (yes, we're behind... the simple answer is, Australia). PSYCH, for those who don't know is a delightfully funny, surprisingly moving, TV show about a fake psychic and real detectives. If you haven't seen the show I recommend checking it out. As we drew closer to the final episode, I thought one way to mark such an occasion was to pen a little post of things learnt from the show. I hope you enjoy.

8 lessons for 8 seasons... well 8 seasons plus...

1) No one knows what they are doing. So if you can show up, stand firm, and announce your purpose with with an unwavering voice and an unblinking eye (well just a no-more-than-regularly-blinking eye) then people will really go along with you, or at least believe that yes, you are meant to be there. 


2) Sometimes, in our toughest spots, we just need a friend to distract us with silliness (special shout out to the Yin-Yang trilogy)


3) I guess it pays to be observant. But we're all just playing for second behind this guy.


4) Be careful how you teach, people may well use the lesson just not the way you desired

5) "I'm good at what I do... and what I do is good, isn't it?" Is a profound and moving statement that really made that moment work. It should also encourage us to show grace to those who mess up along the path to good.

6) The only thing better than a homage, is full on genre-bending!

7) I really have heard it both ways. In a world where TV shows are moving away from catchphrases, I have to respect a show which doubles down and has about a dozen or so. I guess the lesson is just have fun, screw the trends.


8) There's really nothing like a best friend (or, even a team). And sometimes, when our friends aren't near by, the friends we make in fiction can be the next best thing.

So thank you Psych, not only for these lessons, but for the laughs, the romance, the drama, the occasional fright, and above all the characters and the stories. These holy and sacred things we cannot do without.