Merry Christmas - you're in with the rest of us now

Jesus is in it with the rest of us now.

In with the complexity, the ambiguity, the mess of the day-to-day. In with the wondering, the concern, the potential. He’s in with us all, in time and being, a being in time. In with us, and all our yesterdays, todays, tomorrows. Did that go well? What I am doing? What is coming next? The questions of all us finite beings. In with the mess of emotions, reactions and (mis)interpretations – of subtle non-verbal cues (*rolls eyes), of distraction, disinterest. Perhaps it all looked clearer from the eagle eye in the sky – but here we are, so here is he and here is less clear. Better remember your training, the initiation workshop, the general overview of the habits and practices – hold fast to why you started this whole thing, find some friends to support you in the tough times (or at least hope they will), try to learn some more along the way. Or maybe it’s the old ‘forget everything you thought you knew’, just sit, listen, be… and then you’ll work out what to do – your part in it all. Maybe.  

My friend, Julien, once remarked that the dilemma that faced both Superman and Jesus was not whether to be good or not, but how to be good… how to do good now that they’re here, here in the mess, with the rest of us… who come to think of it, are faced with a pretty similar conundrum.


Merry Christmas all, the work begins again… or as I like to put it, Love – rinse/repeat.